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​  We are NYC based quality leather goods company located in Queens, operating from our 1-bedroom apartment in Jackson Heights.

  The IzzyLeathers story started with a couple of wallet sketches on the server's notepad (back in 2017), bunch of watched YouTube videos on leather working, some failed attempts of putting some pieces together and, of course, some successful attempts, which were worthy to be sold.

 With time more and more of our wallets and watch straps started being in high demand, our restaurant folk became our biggest support and inspiration to open our small online store.


​  Our goal is to provide you with quality goods that will speak to your sense of style as well as your sense of purpose.

  All our products are 100% handmade and hand stitched using old school saddle stitching method (which is more secure than machine stitching) and made to last you a long time. ​​     


 Looking forward to working with you,     

Your IzzyLeathers team.​

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