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Leather Working Tools


Cutting and Stitching

All our products are Made by our Hands.

The process is as traditional as it gets, we sharpen our knives on a ceramic stone before every job, strap the edge to a mirror and get to cut our pieces on our dinning-room/workshop table.

We use saddle stitching method for sewing our products, which is more durable than machine stitching.

All wallets and smaller projects are polished with neatsfoot oil or natural beeswax.

We take pride in a rough rugged look, it gives personality to our pieces.


We get our beautiful leathers from some of the best American providers like Tandy and Weaver. 

Most of our products are made with natural Vegetable Tanned Leather. 

This leather is tanned with the most traditional techniques your great great grandfather would have used to make his saddle chair or his knife sheath. It is tanned with the help of all natural materials derived from barks, leaves and branches of trees and plants. Which results in a very deep natural color. Vegetable tanned leather develops patina and changes color due to absorption of your body oils, water, sunlight etc. 

You can also find in our shop some products made with Chrome Tan Leather. If you own a leather jacket or a leather purse, most likely it is Chrome Tan Leather. This leather is tanned with the help of chemicals, which makes it more resistant to water and to color change. This leather can also develop a patina but not as fast and not as rich as vegetable tanned leather will.

For more details on leather we use to make your product check out the product's individual description.


We offer FREE personalization for all our products. Items made with vegetable tanned leather will be personalized using stamping method, all other types of leather can be personalized using burning method. For more details feel free to reach out to us at

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